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The Diagnosis

Awareness of mental health issues may be increasing, but it can still be incredibly difficult to access support. That’s partially because of the difficulties in getting an accurate diagnosis. Thoughts and emotions aren’t exactly the easiest things to measure and classify. We know that the causes of mental illness can be complex. There’s often an […]

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Degrees Of Mood

You might not know the exact clinical definition of depression, but you’re probably aware that it involves prolonged periods of low mood that interfere with your ability to live healthily and productively. You may also know that there are different types of depression, though you might not understand the differences. Depression comes under the heading

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Harness The Fear

At its worst, anxiety can make it impossible to do anything. You end up trapped by your fears, some of them irrational, unable to make decisions or take part in activities that you might even enjoy. Daily life becomes impossible. There’s another side to anxiety, though, and that’s as fuel and motivation. If you harness

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Treating The Cause

Antidepressants can play an important role in managing the symptoms of depression, but they don’t necessarily solve the underlying problem. If something’s gone wrong in your thought processes, you may need therapy to figure it out. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most common kinds. It’s a form of psychotherapy that’s often called

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Speaking Out

There was a time when the slightest hint of mental illness would lead to a person being spirited away to an asylum, possibly to never be seen again. Thankfully, we’re a long way from those days, but there can still be a stigma when talking about mental illness. As more and more people speak openly

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Panic Attacks

Anxiety is associated with several different diagnosable conditions, but symptoms tend to overlap. Mentally, there’s the persistent and often irrational worrying. Physically, there’s everything from shortness of breath to sweaty palms and headaches. Some of the more severe reactions may fall under the category of panic attacks. A panic attack is a particularly intense period

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An Expanding Web

There’s depression that’s just a low mood, and there’s depression that’s an actual medical disorder with diagnostic criteria. Well, even that’s not strictly true; there are several conditions with similar symptoms that come under the heading of mood disorder and the subset of depressive disorder. What you probably think about when you hear the term,

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Push Yourself

There are two times when motivation is particularly important. The first is when we are about to start a new project. It can be daunting looking ahead and seeing everything we need to do, but if we can just push ourselves to take the first step, it can make everything that comes afterward a little

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