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Push Yourself

There are two times when motivation is particularly important. The first is when we are about to start a new project. It can be daunting looking ahead and seeing everything we need to do, but if we can just push ourselves to take the first step, it can make everything that comes afterward a little …

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On The Edge

Your foot taps. You rub your sweaty palms. You play it over and over again in your mind. Your heart races and you don’t know how to escape. Now, imagine that happens all the time. Imagine that every time you manage to catch your breath, another fearful thought crawls inside you and makes everything bad …

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The Lowest Mood

Depression is a word that may be used to describe a general state of low mood or a range of mental health conditions that come under the heading of mood disorders. There are some things in common between them, but it can be pretty helpful to understand what each kind means. If you’re thinking of …

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Body And Mind

Sometimes we talk about physical and mental health like they’re two separate things, but actually they’re pretty closely linked. When your physical health is poor, it can lead to low moods and even outright depression. Poor mental health interferes with motivation and concentration, making it hard to maintain an exercise routine. Conversely, when you look …

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Down But Not Out

When you’re feeling low, people might tell you to go and take a stroll in the fresh air or try some yoga. That’s all very well if you are just having one of those temporary dark moods that everyone has sometimes, but if you’re experiencing clinical depression, even those small steps to alleviate it may …

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