One of the worst things for any fitness regimen is injury. You’ve just gotten into a good regular routine, you’re starting to see noticeable improvements in your strength, endurance and flexibility, and then it all comes to a crashing halt. You wait, you heal and things start to get better again, but you can’t just …

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Starting Young

Concerns about body image often start in childhood and adolescence. Teenagers look at the celebrities they see in magazines or on TV, they listen to the comments on social media, and then when they view themselves, they see only the ways they don’t measure up. This sort of experience can have a powerfully negative effect …

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Think About It

Some people might think that being concerned about aging is superficial. After all, it’s mostly about how you look, isn’t it? While there can be some aches and pains, isn’t it all pretty minor in the grand scheme of things? Everyone has to go through it. Well, just because you think something is unimportant doesn’t …

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