The Diagnosis

Awareness of mental health issues may be increasing, but it can still be incredibly difficult to access support. That’s partially because of the difficulties in getting an accurate diagnosis. Thoughts and emotions aren’t exactly the easiest things to measure and classify. We know that the causes of mental illness can be complex. There’s often an …

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Degrees Of Mood

You might not know the exact clinical definition of depression, but you’re probably aware that it involves prolonged periods of low mood that interfere with your ability to live healthily and productively. You may also know that there are different types of depression, though you might not understand the differences. Depression comes under the heading …

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Physical And Mental

When we talk about high blood pressure, we often talk about the physical causes, like diet, and the physical effects, like its impact on heart health. What gets a little less attention is the relationship between this physical condition and your mental state. You might know high blood pressure is associated with stress and anxiety, …

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