Best Exercises for Back Pain

Back Pain - Best Exercises for Back Pain

It is estimated that over 98 percent of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Have you ever had any back pain? Clinically we have seen thousands of cases and I can tell you personally that it can be extremely debilitating if it is not handled effectively. There are many natural treatments to help with back pain and it starts witth proper exercise. Consistent core exercises will help you maintain a strong mid-section and ultimately a stronger ability to ward off the back pain. There are some basics to understand when it comes to exercising to stay away from back pain and empowering your health.

1.Be Consistent 
Aim for 5-6 days per week with your exercise. Look into full body movements to keep your core strong. Ab- type exercises are great and will help keep your core stable. Also look to build and strengthen your lower back.

2.Work on Your Posture 
When you are exercising make sure to watch your form. An arched lower back is a healthy back. You can easily keep your back arched with all of your movements. When you stand upright and focus on it, it actually is a workout! You will feel how over relaxed your muscles have been and how hard your core has to work to keep your posture healthy .

3.Be Functional 
Avoid using too many machines. Focus on using natural movements including the stationary ball and bands to help keep your core at its peak.

4.Great Nutrition 
Keeping your inflammation levels low is vital. There are key nutrients that will ensure that as you exercise, the inflammation will stay down. You can see our anti-inflammatory kit in the store along with an eating guide to help you with your success.

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