Organic Food Shopping Doesn’t Have to Break Your Bank

Organic foods have become more popular and widely available, but many people have understandably shied away from them because of the increased cost. If you want to eat more organic food, my friends, I’m here to tell you that you can do so without breaking the bank every time you hit the grocery store. It’s all about having a plan in advance to help guide your shopping so you’re not buying the wrong items at the wrong time.

If you want to buy more organic products without greatly increasing your food budget, try the tips below the next time you shop.

Go with in-season produce

Shop for produce when it’s in season only. When your usual produce picks are not in season, aim for organic produce that is actually in season at the time instead of buying what you always do. Produce that is out of season is more expensive in general, and this is definitely reflected in organic prices. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has a handy guide on what is in season throughout the year online at their official website ( This can help you tailor your organic produce shopping to what is season when you’re out and about. Don’t be afraid to try some new things, too!

Don’t ignore frozen

You can eat organic fresh or frozen goods. Organic doesn’t mean never frozen, and there are plenty of organic frozen vegetables and fruits available. Consider which veggies and fruits you don’t need to consume fresh, such as veggies you’re going to use in cooking or fruits earmarked as toppings or for a baked dessert, and start buying their organic frozen counterparts.

Try a budget store

There are a lot of budget grocery store chains out there today, and many of them sell organic products. At these stores, you will often be able to buy your organic products at a lower price than you’d find in a traditional grocery store.

If bulk buying works for you for some products, you can also look for organic products at your local warehouse club. Keep in mind that these clubs have membership fees, so make sure your savings would outweigh the cost of that fee. You can typically go into a local warehouse store for a free trip as a prospective member to look around and get product and price information before you pay to join.

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