The Smoothest Skin

Technically, longevity is about how long we can expect to live in relation to everyone else. It’s our average lifespan. Of course, living a long time doesn’t mean a lot without a decent quality of life. You want to be healthy, and you want to keep looking and feeling good for as long as possible.

Trying not to look like you’re aging isn’t all about being shallow. Naturally, it shouldn’t be more important than your physical and mental wellbeing, but anything that can make you feel better about yourself can help your longevity. Plus, not every beauty technique is inherently bad for you. Some of it can improve health at the same time as it improves appearance.

For example, to keep your skin looking young, you need to keep it cleansed and moisturized. Those are the most basic parts of a skincare regimen. They’re also a pretty basic part of basic health and hygiene. Having dirt and impurities clogging up your pores isn’t going to improve your appearance any more than it will help your skin stay at its best.

Healthy skin isn’t just smoother, softer and brighter; it’s also better able to cope with all the strains it’s likely to face every day. Skin has a pretty tough role, after all. It holds all the rest of your body together, and it protects you from any outside threats. It’s no wonder it can get a bit rough sometimes.

Luckily, some unpleasant things that affect the skin get less likely with age. Bad skin can hit at any time, but there’s a reason it’s associated with teenagers. For many people, it’s something they’ll grow out of eventually without any drastic interventions once the hormones settle down.

Even for people who need a little intervention from a dermatologist, the basics of cleanliness and moisturizing are likely to still be a priority. If you have sensitive skin, you need to be very careful about the products you use. Sometimes less is more, whether it’s in beauty or health. Try too hard, and you’ll either end up causing more damage or make it so obvious that you’ve been trying to look younger that it will have exactly the opposite effect.

Longer lives mean more aging skin, but there are lots of ways we can help it both look and feel a little better.

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