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Brain Health - Natural Solutions With Bipolar

Have you ever met someone that deals with Bipolar disorder? Bipolar is a mental health condition that affects many each year. Not only does it affect them personally, but it also dramatically affects those around them in a challenging way. The old medical name was known as Manic Depression. It is a serious mental condition that has to be treated with medication and psychotherapy. There are, however, some natural ways to support this challenging condition. First we have to understand that there are some basic signs of someone with a bipolar condition. Not everyone with bipolar experiences every symptom. There are many that only experience some rather than others. Here are some of the major signs of a bipolar condition. 

Here are some of the most well-known signs: 

1.Unusual Irritability 

2.Grandiose Notions 

3.Excessive Elation 

4.Thoughts Racing 

5.Poor Judgement 

6.Social Behavioral Issues 

7.Decreased Need For Sleep 

8.Increased Need For Sex 

And these are just some of what we typically see with bipolar conditions. Typically for someone to be diagnosed, they have to meet the above symptoms and also go through a severe bout of depression

However, there is much we can do with someone’s lifestyle that has shown in the research. We know now that certain foods can impact our brain health and the way that our brain can function. Our lifestyle choices such as more water, better sleep, and exercise can also make a major impact on brain health. 

So here are some basics that are great lifestyle methods to add while dealing with these types of challenges. 

1.Increase Omega 3 Fats
Whatever you do, talk with a provider about having an omega 3 fatty acid lab test done to see what your numbers are. The omega 3 fats are vital in helping with production and regulation with Dopamine and Serotonin. Both are valuable in dealing with brain chemistry. 

2.Watch The Caffeine
Dopamine is a big player with Bipolar. Make sure to watch your intake of caffeine. Too much of it and you will break down the neurotransmitters

3.Add Exercise
Just 10-15 minutes a day is enough to stimulate what is needed to help support overall brain health and cardiovascular function. 

4.Eat Your Vegetables
The green and colored vegetables are your friend. Just adding a red bell pepper alone is enough to add a vital amount of pyridoxal-5-phosphate, a version of vitamin B6 that helps to stabilize most neurotransmitters. 

5.Get Your Sleep Before Midnight
We know now by the research, Proper restorative sleep will help you reach your brain health goals. No matter what the health challenge, including bipolar, sleep is a powerful secret weapon. Make sure to get between 6-8 solid hours.

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