The Top 5 Ways To Help With Focus

Brain Health - The Top 5 Ways To Help With Focus

Do you feel like you have a lack of focus? Is it becoming more difficult to concentrate on your everyday tasks? If you feel scattered and are unable to complete tasks with efficiency and focused effort, you might be dealing with a form of ADHD. Our kids in America make approximately 6.1 million visits per year to the doctor as a result of not being able to focus according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Do we just put our kids on medications? Or are there some lifestyle-based solutions that we can follow that can help? Let’s look at some new ways to support some of these common symptoms of ADHD can show themselves on a regular basis even when you may least expect it. The biggest challenge for young people is the inability to focus. The typical stimulant drugs are great at focus, but can also be great at addiction as well. So what are you left to do as a parent if your child just can’t keep up with school and they want to put them on medications? The answer is there is so much that you can do. 

Here are some basic tips to help create focus naturally in the brain. Remember the old saying from Grandma, we are what we eat! 

1.Eat Tart Cherries 
There are several brain chemicals that help us focus. Serotonin is a primary one. Interestingly enough, the serotonin medications are some of the top prescribed medications today. Tart cherry juice helps increase melatonin, which is a large component in the production of serotonin. That’s why drink a tart cherry juice like Cheribundi, can increase sleep patterns and improve mood and focus. It one of my top picks.

2.Eat More Fish 
The omega 3 fatty acids are the essentials when it comes to optimizing brain health, attention, and focus. Eating fish like salmon and mackerel can boost your overall levels. The best way to see where your levels currently are is by doing a blood test. 

The omega-3 blood test is highly specialized. You can call our office to get more details on how to attain this test. 

3.Get More B6 
Vitamin B6 is the key when it comes to the powerful B vitamins and brain health. A great source of food is in red and yellow bell peppers. If you get a supplement, look at pyridoxal-5-phosphate. 

4.Drink Caffeine 
Do what? Yes, I just said that. Caffeine actually stimulates the frontal lobe of the brain much like the stimulant drugs do. However, naturally occurring caffeine such as in green tea, has some strong benefits in aiding with focus. 

5.Maintain Healthy Vitamin D levels 
Get tested every 4-6 months if you are dealing with any kind of ADHD type symptoms. Vitamin D is crucial for memory and brain function.

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