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Nutrition - The Top Cancer Food

When it comes to cancer many people get alarmed. It’s the big fight, right? And rightfully so. Cancer claims millions of lives globally each year and is the second leading killer behind heart disease. There are so many amazing foods that we can be eating every day to help fight against cancer that have been proven in the research. And the great part is that one of these foods in particular is right in your pantry at home…hopefully. That food is so powerful that many studies have been performed to help us see how great this little powerhouse actually is. The food I am talking about are nuts. Yes nuts. So all of your favorites are great to eat every single day. Almonds, walnuts, cashews, Brazil nuts, and the list goes on. Research has confirmed from the Mayo Clinic that a handful of nuts a day can keep cancer away. There were over 36 observational studies done to show us how important this actually is. 

The primary cancers with were colorectal cancer, endometrial cancer, and pancreatic cancer. These were the main cancers studied, however, research confirmed that there is a 15% protection of all cancers across the board. The statistics were amazing. Let’s look at the percentages: 

24% lowered risk of colorectal cancer 
42% lowered risk of endometrial cancer 
32% lowered risk of pancreatic cancer 

I am an advocate of eating a handful of nuts every day. They are all good. However, my favorite nuts are walnuts. The reason is they contain the highest amount of omega 3 fatty acids. When we do our omega 3 fatty acid testing we will notice that the test results are usually low. By eating walnuts, it is a great way of ensuring that these levels stay where they should be. 

Set a goal to get a handful of nuts a day. This would be the equivalent of around 15-20 pieces. And always read the label to make sure the nuts are not roasted in any kind of oil. When the oils are heated, they can potentially turn rancid.

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